Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Road Rage

After having been couped up in the house for most of a week, due to Snowmargedon I got out and ran some errands. On my way home I became the target of road rage. Grandpa in his mini van decided that I was not driving fast enough for him. I was going a few miles over the speed limit. He came up behind me in non rush hour traffic and started driving aggressively. Lights flashing, fingers flying, all but the honking of the horn. Let it be known that there was not enough room for me to move over, nor am I inclined to do that for someone who is tailgating. My standard operating procedure in the event of tailgating is to slow down a little bit. Typically the person tailgating backs off. Not my geriatric driver. Oh no. I think this enraged him more. Well to get to the end of the story once I passed the grouping of vehicles including and an oversize truck I changed lanes. I later passed the mini van driver pulling into Wal-mart. Really did you need to get that bread and milk that desperately? Drivers like you are the ones who cause accidents, you may not be in one yourself but such aggressive driving will surely cause accidents.

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