Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Cop, The Lawyer and The Politcian

"The Cop"

Okay, yes I know the tittle of this posting sounds like the beginning of one of those jokes, the sort that starts A cop, a lawyer and a politician walk into a bar. But this is really about my kids. You see my first born is the cop. She is a by the rules sort of person. The rules are the rules and they do NOT change. She might also be called "THE ENFORCER".  Perhaps this is why she makes a great soccer ref.  Soccer rules are cut and dry and not open to interpretation. Which brings us to child number two. She is my "lawyer". She is always looking for the loophole. A way to make the rules work to her advantage. You see she does not break the rules she just bEnds them to suit her needs.  My third child is "the politician". He does not enforce the rules or bend them, he just makes NEW ones and will make it seem like he is doing you a favor.

"The Lawyer" was suppose to wear brown to be a reindeer, somehow she managed to wear a dress and have it pink too.


To illustrate the difference between my children like to present this little scenario.We have household rules that dictate that we may only eat in the great room and kitchen.  My oldest at the tender age of about 3, upon seeing her daddy walk into the playroom with a bowl of some food proceeded to tell him in a matter of fact voice that "WE DO NOT eat in the playroom." Upon which my husband told his preschooler that it was HIS house. ( Never argue with a self righteous preschooler, but that is a blog entry for another day).

"The Politician" Always sharped dressed, and has a sports jacket ready.

Flash forward a few more years, enter my middle child - THE LAWYER - is seen heading downstairs to our family room in the walk out basement. When I reminded her that we don't eat downstairs she said oh, mama, I am not eating downstairs, I am eating ON THE STAIRS. 

About four years latter along comes little brother, the baby of the family and the politician. One day I catch him in the kitchen getting into some cookies I have set aside for his big sister to take to school. "J.J.what are you doing?" and he says, I kid you not  "Mom I thought YOU needed a cookie" I did the best to keep a stern face. Then I did the mom thing where I put my hand over my mouth so he could not see me laugh or smile while I scolded him.   Like THAT really works.

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