Monday, October 18, 2010

It's only ten dollars

I am known as someone who speaks my mind and will talk to anyone, anytime.  I am always ready to share my knowledge with anyone Earlier today we made a small trip to Walmart.  My bill happened to com to $13 and change. So I handed the cashier $23 and change.  She handed me a ten dollar bill back. I as I checked to make sure my change was right. I asked her why she didn't count it back. She said it was only $10 dollars.  Really $10 can be alot.  I suggested she should count back her change in the future. If only to keep her self straight. She seemed dumbfounded.  I guess cashiers are no longer taught to count triple count their change. This may be because they are not held responsible for their own drawers. Imagine. What happens when people are not held accountable for their work or the money they handle.

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