Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life is a symphony

Earlier today I received an email from a college roomate. She remember that on Oct 8th 25 years ago, our pledge class was initiated.  We all met in spring semester of 1985. For me it was a chance to have sisters I never had. I grew up with brothers, on top of that there were NO, absolutely none, girls near my age in my neighborhood.

We moved into the chapter house in the fall semester and were intiated shortly after Rush, ahem. I believe it is now called Member Recruitment. Our initiated was delayed I remeber by a hurricane. What excitment that was. I remeber going swimming in the ocean the night before the hurricane hit with one of our new sister's to be and the guys we were dating.

Most of us graduated in the alloted 4 years, a couple of us took some extra time. Over the years we attending each others weddings, and other special events. However busy family lives took over for some of us. Others moved away. However thanks to facebook we have mostly all reconnected.  Through the years it is as if we have never been seperated and are still sitting on the ugly (but oh so comfortable) green sectional couch in our Chapter room at the Sorority House.

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